"Surreal In Mind" - Stentor - STEN 91090 - qun
Recorded at unknown venue in the Netherlands, ?/?/92. (see below)
10 tracks on 1 CD.
EC/ Chuck Leavell (Keyboards)/ Andy Fairweather-Low (Guitar)/ Nathan East (Bass)/ Steve Ferrone (Drums)/ Ray Cooper (Percussion)/ Tessa Niles (Vocals)/ Katie Kissoon (Vocals)

Anything for Your Love/ Pretending/ Badge/ Wonderful Tonight/ Layla/ Crossroads/ Sunshine of Your Love/ My Father's Eyes/ She's Waiting/ Let It Rain

There is no doubt that this recording is largly taken from the Brighton show. It is also certain that "Let It Rain" is from another show, and possibly there are other songs from yet another show. I personally have only heard one song from this CD ("My Father's Eyes") and it from Brighton. I've received conflicting information from a number of Slowhand subscribers, but it would seem that perhaps all of the CD is from Brighton except "Let It Rain", which I've been told is from Festival Hall, Brisbane, Australia on 14-04-75 and was released on "Milk Cow Blues". (R.B.)