SUZI QUATRO - East Berlin & Görlitz,East Germany Tour 1977.xx.xx durch die Ostzone

Im Konzert, eine Sendung des Jugendfernsehens DT 64 der DDR

fantastic show and very good quality,don`t miss that !
This is part 7 of the series `The biggest pop stars of all time 'brought to life by commando_hg 
and booomboom. As always tested three times on official material,this show is the first time 
available on Dime and in the big wide world.This is part one of our series " Live adventures 
from the Dark Side Of Germany, in german called DUNKELDEUTSCHLAND, the long lost
Uckermark tapes from the Mutti Merkel archieves.
Upcoming shows from the extended series 'pearls thrown before swine' Kim Wilde Live and in TV studio
will be available soon, so check back every day dime, folks. 


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Stereo, 64 Minuten

line up 

Suzi Quatro - vocals / bass
Len Tuckey - guitar
Alastair McKenzie - keyboards
Dave Neal - drums


East Berlin-Palast der Republik / Erich's Lampenladen
01 Mexico
02 If You Can't Give Me Love
--Talk auf dem Flughafen (Du bist ja nur 3 Tage hier)

Unknown Location in MOTHERFUCKIN GÖRLITZ!!!

03 Wake Up Little Suzi
04 48 Chrash
-- Talk im Auto
05 Heartbreak Hotel
-- Talk in der Straßenbahn I, in Görlitz (S 29 Landeskrone)
06 Can The Can
07 Honkey Tonk Downstairs
08 Make Me Smile
09 The Wild One
-- Bandvorstellung
10 Half As Much As Me
-- Talk in der Kneipe
11 Too Big
12 Tear Me Apart
-- Talk in der Straßenbahn II
13 Devil Gate Drive
-- Talk im Backstage (morgen geht's zurück nach London)
14 Devil Gate Drive

Angenehm bei dieser Silberscheibe ist, dass die Interviews nicht die Songs schneiden
und nicht deutsch synchronisiert sind. Nachteil, man sieht das Grundmaterial ist eine VHS
(also nichts für verwöhnte Blue Ray Freaks).

Pleasantly with this silver disc it is that the interviews do not cut the songs 
and are synchronized not in German. Disadvantage, one sees the basic material is VHS 
(thus nothing for spoilt Blue Ray Freaks).