Eric Clapton , Ice Palace , Tampa , Florida May 19 2001
119 min Sound B+
ALD Soundboard & Audience matrix by John Tsalikes from Master DATS !!!

Remaster by Boguspomp. 

Here the reason for the remaster. Originally left channel audience source, right channel ALD. 
Left channel was always in synchro with right channel at the beginning of each song, but at the 
end between 26/1000 and 44/1000 secs early - means the speed on the left channel was a little off.
So I corrected that, put them back together and converted the 2 channels into each other to create a matrix. I adjusted the volume in the way, that the ALD source is dominant and the audience serves as the reverb and ambience. A difference in volume of around 4 dB seemed to work fine. All over volume adjusted, left channel delayed 1/1000 sec to give a kind of stereo feeling and help the people like me, that will listen to this show on 5.1 systems, not to be forced to listen to the show only through the Center speaker, which would be the case in pure mono. As someone pointed out in the original post there is a certain amount of distortion present, that as you might know or don't know, can not be removed. Must have been recorded too hot. Distortion was also present in the left (aud) channel, not only in the right; but as the right channel was most of the time dominant in the original post as well, you wouldn't hear it.This show is by no means in a perfect sonic condition, but the overall improvement is audible and makes it much more pleasant to listen to this wonderful show.
The 2 sources were obviously from the masters as the Spectrum Analysis' were perfect in both cases.
No equalization or other kind of sonic manipulation. No noise reduction ( has some hiss, but hey )

CD 1 75.44 min

01. Key To The Highway
02. Reptile
03. Got You On My Mind
04. Bell Bottom Blues
05. Tears In Heaven
06. Change The World
07. My Fathers Eyes
08. River Of Tears
09. Going Down Slow
10. Shes Gone
11. I Want A Little Girl
12. Traveling Light
13. Hoochie Coochie Man 

CD 2 43.32 min

01. Stormy Monday
02. Cocaine
03. Wondreful Tonight
04. Layla
05. Sunshime Of Your Love
06. For All We Know