Tearing Us Apart Sessions
Ronnie Scott's Club, London - 16 August 1986 - CD-R2 - Aud 4

Comments: Film sessions for the "Tearing Us Apart" video, the real fun here is hearing EC and his wacky band play tunes like Prince's "1999", Michael Jackson's "Billy Jean", and other pop standards. Filler on Disc 2 is from "B.B. King and Friends".

"Film Session For 'Tearing Us Apart' Video" - EC IS HERE - DJCOPY75/76 - sb5
Recorded at Ronnie Scott's Club, Soho, London on 16/08/86
23 tracks on 2 CDs. Total time: 74:14/68:38
EC/Nathan East(Bass)/Greg Phillinganes(Keyboards)/Steve Ferrone(Drums)

Opening/ Tearing Us Apart/ Interval/ Tearing Us Apart/ Blues Jam/ Tearing Us Apart/ Take A Chance/ Tearing Us Apart/ Unknown/Easy Lover/ Tearing Us Apart/ Every Time You Go Away// September/ Tearing Us Apart/ 1999~Billie Jean~On Broadway/ Stuff LikeThat/ Interval/ Instrumental/ Tearing Us Apart/ Money For Nothing/ Run/ Tearing Us Apart/ Ending