Eric Clapton
The Borgata
Atlantic City, New Jersey
May 25, 2008

Geetarz #175

Track List:
Motherless Children
Key to the Highway
Hoochie Coochie Man

Band Lineup:
Eric Clapton - guitar, vocals
Doyle Bramhall II - guitar, backing vocals
Chris Stainton - keyboards
Pino Palladino - bass
Ian Thomas - drums
Michelle John - backing vocals
Sharon White - backing vocals

Lineage: Core Sound Cards > Edirol R-09 > Soundforge 9 (Normalize, edits) > CDWav > FLAC (Level 5) > You !!!

Geetarz Notes:

&*%@!#*& !!!

The Borgata is an elegant, high roller hotel, and on Memorial Day Weekend, Atlantic City was packed, and the 2400 seats in the ballroom were packed as well. Unfortunately the seating in the Borgata seemed to be in two sections, with the High Rollers and their comp'd tickets down front, and the real fans at the back of the venue.

Now the "comp'd high roller" thing had its advantages, as I was able to snag some 3rd row seats the afternoon of the show. The bad thing was that my drunken seatmates, who came in during the middle of the first song, got up and left for good after the third, and on the way out staggered into me - pulling the mic cable loose. And of course I did not notice this until the show was over, mainly because I had about 350 pounds of no-necked security guard sitting about 6 feet in front of me. 

Yeesh, this was almost as bad as snagging my 5th row aisle seat at the Holmdel show a few days earlier, only to have the security guard decide that he liked me and wanted to rest on my armrest all night. Good grief.

So here you go, this is what there is.

For what it's worth (this is painful to say), after seeing 7 of the shows on this summer's mini-tour, this was the best performance of the bunch so I'm hoping that at some point a more complete recording will surface.

Until then, I humbly offer what I have ;)

~Geetarz, December 2008