"The Circus Has Left Town" - Kiss The Stone - KTS202/3 - 4

Recorded at Brighton Centre on 1/2/92.
17 tracks on 2 CDs. Total Time : 64:21/68:36
EC/ Chuck Leavell (Keyboards)/ Andy Fairweather-Low (Guitar)/ Nathan East (Bass)/ Steve Ferrone (Drums)/ Ray Cooper (Percussion)/ Tessa Niles (Vocals)/
Katie Kissoon (Vocals)

Anything For Your Love/ Pretending/ I Shot the Sheriff/ Running On Faith/ My Father's Eyes/ She's Waiting/ Circus Left Town/ Tears in Heaven/ Signe/ Before You
Accuse Me/ Old Love/ Badge/ Wonderful Tonight/ Tearing Us Apart/ Layla/ Crossroads/ Sunshine of Your Love

Despite claims to the contrary in the Bootography Companion, it is my opinion (shared by others) that there is no difference in sound quality between "Another
Page", "The Circus Has Left Town" (KTS) and "Tears In Heaven" (KTS). (R.B.)