"The Day After The Stevie Ray Vaughan Tribute" - Rarities on Compact Disc - Rarities 97050 - 5

Recorded at the Austin Music Hall in Austin, Texas on 12/05/95 
11 tracks on 1CD. Total Time: 77:51 
EC/ Jimmy Vaughan/ Robert Cray/ Buddy Guy except on */ Jimmy Vaughan Band (Tilt-A-Whirl Band)

Reconsider Baby (EC)*/ Third Degree (EC)*/ Sweet Home Chicago (BG)/ I Can't Quit You Baby & Buddy's Blues (BG)/ Further On Up The Road & Let Me Love You Baby (EC&BG)/ Wee Wee Baby (JV)/ Early In The Morning (EC&BG)/ I Can't Judge Nobody (EC)/ Instrumental Blues Jam (SRV shuffle)

The sound is reportedly of better quality than "On A Blues Night".