The Jeff Healey Band:

Video Source: NDR German TV broadcast ("Mambo" in March 1989), BR German TV broadcast (München 1989 on 09th October 1996), and BR German TV broadcast (Nachtwerk München 1993-03-08 on 08th March 1993)

Audio Source: same as video sources(see above)

I) Mambo(German TV music mag), March 1989
01) Interview with Jeff Healey
02) My Little Girl
03) Interview with Jeff Healey
Length: 6:34min

II) München(a.k.a. Munich) March(probably) 1989
venue and exact date need to be confirmed
01) My Little Girl
02) Confidence Man
03) Angel Eyes (*)
04) See The Light (faded out damn soon due to unfunny broadcast end)
Length: 15:25min
Personal for I&II:
Jeff Healey: Vocals, Guitar
Joe Rockman: Bass, Keyboards(*)
Tom Stephen: Drums

III) Nachtwerk, München(a.k.a. Munich), 08th March 1993
01) Announcement
02) Baby’s Looking Hot
03) While My Guitar Gently Weeps
04) Lost In Your Eyes
05) Heart Of An Angel
06) Evil And Here To Stay
07) Angel Eyes
08) Cruel Little Number
09) See The Light (incomplete due to one more unfunny braodcast end)
Length: 45:43min
Jeff Healey: Vocals, Guitar
Joe Rockman: Bass
Tom Stephen: Drums
addy personal for this tour:
Washington Savage: Keyboards
Mische Butler: Backing Vocals
Jachintha Matthews: Backing Vocals