Derek and the Dominos
"The Last Live Gig"
Suffolk Community College
Selden, New York, USA
December 6, 1970

PHR20010227 - CD-R1 - Aud 2

Track List:
1) Keep On Growing
2) Tell the Truth
3) Stormy Monday
4) Why Does Love Got to Be So Sad
5) Blues Power
6) Have You Ever Loved a Woman
7) Little Wing
8) Got to Get Better In a Little While

Geetarz Comments:

This was Derek and the Dominos' last live performance. 

A fairly poor source recording, obviously recorded on the limited equipment of the day (likely a small, mono cassette recorder) surfaced in 2000, and was later released on several ROIO labels in remastered form, for instance "The Final Act" on the Zeus label (Z 2024001).

This is the original, un-remastered audience recording, of unknown lineage. It has its flaws (low average volume, analog tape hiss, etc.) but remasters are subject to a lot of personal perception, and many collectors also prefer to have the original, untampered version.

Presented here for archivists, compleatists, historians, and all Dominos fans, the best known extant version of this recording.

Lineage is uncertain ... this recording was under "embargo" for some years, and those familiar with the trading scene know how secretive some of the "old sk00l" types can be.

Still, it's an interesting and historic listen, and presented here for those who would like to have it. Let me be candid - it's not a recording for everyone, as it's a bit of a difficult listen, but it's certainly a valuable piece of musical history and I, for one, am grateful to the collectors who helped "surface" this recording to the larger community of fans and collectors. Again, there are various "remastered" versions of this in circulation, and one of those may be more to many people's personal liking. In the end, check 'em out and YOU be the judge which you prefer.