"The Night Of The Kings" - Beech Marten - BM 067-2 - sb6

Recorded at the Royal Albert Hall, London, on 29/9/83.
22 tracks on 2 CDs. Total Time : 40:56/59:15
EC/Jeff Beck (Guitar)/Jimmy Page (Guitar)/Stevie Winwood (Keyboards)/Bill
Wyman (Bass)/Charlie Watts (Drums)/Kenny Jones (Drums)/Ray Cooper
(Percussion)/Chris Stainton (Keyboards)/James Hooker (Keyboards)/Simon
Phillips (Drums)/Andy Fairweather-Low (Guitar)/Ronnie Lane (Guitar)

Everybody's Gotta Make a Change/Lay Down Sally/Wonderful Tonight/Cocaine/
Man Smart Woman Smarter/Roadrunner/Slowdown Sunrise/Take Me to the River/
Gimme Some Lovin'/Star Cycle/Pump/Goodbye Pork Pie Hat/Led Boots/
Hi Ho Silver Lining/Prelude/Who's To Blame/City Sirens/Tulsa Time/Layla/
Bomber's Moon/Good Night Irene

This is an ARMS show, that was very likely recorded on 20/09/83, and not the
date listed above. Not all of these tracks feature EC. Certainly the first 4 *do*,
and it's likely that he also plays on "Tulsa Time" and "Layla" of course.