Eric Clapton - The Point
Recorded at the Point, Dublin, Ireland on February 2, 1991 - CD-R2 - aud 5

Disc 1:                            Disc 2:
1) Pretending                      1) Old Love
2) No Alabis                       2) Badge
3) Running on Faith                3) Wonderful Tonight
4) I Shot the Sheriff              4) Cocaine
5) White Room                      5) A Remark You Made
6) Can't Find My Way Home          6) Layla
7) Bad Love                        7) Key to the Highway
8) Knockin' On Heaven's Door       8) Sunshine of Your Love
9) Before You Accuse Me

Note: An exceptional audience recording, especially considering the time period this was recorded. Instruments are clear and full, especially drums. Sounds almost soundboard instrumentally, the only weak spot is the vocals, which have a bit of echo and reverb on them. Some mic noise mars "Pretending" which is otherwise excellent, featuring an extra long solo break by EC. Nice piano intro to 'Running on Faith', with a nice piano solo as well. "Knockin' On Heaven's Door" is interesting, featuring vocals by both Nathan and Greg. EC manages to flub a line in "Wonderful Tonight" and apologizes with a "sorry" to laughter from the audience and the band. The highlight of this show is EC, alone at first on guitar and then accompanied only by Phil Collins on drums, with a great rendition of "Key to the Highway". Overall, a great show!