Eric Clapton
The Ritz
New York City, US

Disc 1
102-White Room
103-I Shot The Sheriff
104-I Want To Make Love To You
105-It's In The Way That You Use It
107-Miss You
108-Same Old Blues (fade in at bass solo)

Disc 2
201-Tearing Us Apart
202-Holy Mother
204-Let It Rain
207-Sunshine Of Your Love (fade out)

This is a new show to circulation. It's an incomplete audience tape that was poorly edited, there is also some overdrive and distortion but otherwise it's a decent sounding tape and a very good performance. Some sections get a bit pitchy and there are volume fluxuations, also from Miss You on the tape seems to get much louder which is where the overdriven sound starts. Now that we have all the bad news out of the way here's the good news....The recording does capture the atmosphere of the evening well and EC stayed very close to his wah wah pedal all night!!!