Eric Clapton
The Spectrum - Philadelphia, Pa.
Monday - April 29th, 1985
Eric Clapton - Guitar, Vocals
Donald "Duck" Dunn - Bass
Tim Renwick - Guitar
Chris Stainton - Keyboards
Jamie Oldaker - Drums
Marcy Levy - Vocals
Shaun Murphy - Vocals
Recorded and mastered to cdr by D5scott 
2 Electravoice 626 microphones > Sony TC-D5M - Analog master cassettes (Maxell MX90).
Recorded from 40 feet-center - Section 102, Row 13, Seat 15. {DFC}
Sony TC-D5M (original record deck)> Pre Sonus Inspire GT> Sound Forge >.wav files> Trader's Little Helper> flac and ffp files 

Disc 1:
Tulsa Time
Motherless Children
I Shot The Sheriff
Same Old Blues
Blues Power
Tangled In Love
Behind The Sun
Wonderful Tonight
** Steppin' Out 
Never Make You Cry
She's Waiting
Something Is Wrong With My Baby

Disc 2:
Lay Down Sally
Let It Rain
Double Trouble
Forever Man
Further On Up The Road 

Tapers comment:

Known flaws: 
** is missing.
There were times that right mic cables wasn't co-operating and channel would dropped out. 
I patched the dropped out areas, by making them mono. 
25 years ago!!! Seems like yesterday!
A big thanks to my buddy Cas, who helped smuggle some stuff in and took turns with me holding the mic's.
A special thanks to Jeff for getting me these great seats!
This was the 1st show that I ever recorded without patching out of someone else microphones.
I owned my Sony D5, but I didn't own my mic's yet so I went to a local music store and rented these (Electravoice) mic's for this show.
~ My parents loved telling this story to their friends.~
I didn't own a mic stand, and the one they wanted to rent me was hugh, so Cas limped in on crutches to use as a portable mic stand. 
I tape the microphones, which were quite long with the cables on them, to a crutch and we took turns holding it. 
Note that the tickets were $13.50, to sit in the 13th row! Ahh, the good old days and the good old Spectrum!!! 
R.I.P. Sandy - aka "Bigfoot"