"The Unsurpassed Eric Clapton" - Yellow Dog - YD 022 - sb6

The Delaney Mix of Eric's first solo album.
All tracks recorded during 1/70 apart from last 2 tracks, which were recorded
at Olympic Studios, London sometime in 11/69.
13 tracks on 1 CD. Total Time : 49:20
EC/Delaney Bramlett (Guitar, Vocals)/Bonnie Bramlett (Vocals)/
Rita Coolidge (Vocals)/Sonny Curtis (Vocals)/Jerry Allison (Vocals)/
Dave Mason (Guitar)/Jim Price (Trumpet)/Bobby Keys (Sax)/
Leon Russell (Piano)/Bobby Whitlock (Organ, Vocals)/Carl Radle (Bass)/
Jim Gordon (Drums)

Slunky/Bad Boy/Lonesome and a Long Way from Home/After Midnight/
Blues Power/Bottle of Red Wine/Lovin' You Lovin' Me/Told You for the Last Time/
Don't Know Why/Let It Rain/Easy Now/Lonesome and a Long Way from Home/
Don't Know Why

Note that Delaney is written and "Delany" on the cover.