Eric Clapton
"This One's For Tom"
National Car Rental Center
Sunrise, Florida
May 18, 2001

An Aplay Recording
Mastered by Geetarz, 2008-06-19 from master DAT
Supervision and Moral Support by Cody Husky

Lineage: Sonic DSM-6 > Sony D7 (Sonic Mod2) > Master DAT > Tascam DA20Mk2 > PC > Soundforge (Disc cuts only) > CDWav (Tracking) > FLAC (Level 5) > YOU !!!

Track Listing:

Disc 1:
Key to the highway (Acoustic, EC solo)
Reptile (Instrumental)
Got you on my mind (Acoustic)
Bell bottom blues (Acoustic)
Tears in heaven (Acoustic)
Change the world (Acoustic)
My Father's eyes
River of tears
Goin' down slow
She's gone
I want a little girl
Don't let me be lonely tonight

Disc 2:
Travellin' light
Hoochie coochie man
Have you ever loved a woman
Wonderful tonight
Sunshine of your love (Encore)
Somewhere over the rainbow (Encore)

The Band:
Eric Clapton Guitar, Vocals
Nathan East Bass, Vocals
Andy Fairweather Low Guitar, Vocals
Steve Gadd Drums
David Sancious Keyboards, Vocals, Guitar
Billy Preston Keyboards

Geetarz Notes:
Here you go, kids, straight from APlay's DAT master. So often these days recordings are overprocessed, compressed, normalized, EQ'd and run so hot that the dynamics are all lost. Not to let it go to his head, but APlay nailed this one, running the levels right up against 0dB with no clipping. This recording hasn't been tampered with at all, no EQ, normalization, compression, or any other silly business has been applied, as it's just not needed. The Sonic mics are my personal favorites, and paired with the modded preamp of the D7, what emerges is a recording that has the warmth of analog with the clarity of digital. This is as close as you'll get to perfection, without the original 48kHz DAT recording. Geetarz intro on the beginning of D1 and Cody Woo on the outro of D2 added to set this recording apart so you know you have "the real deal".

Put it on the big speakers and invite over some good friends for a an evening with Eric Clapton, or even enjoy on a nice pair of studio headphones, as the binaural Sonic mics really do shine on headphones.

EC dedicated "Bell Bottom Blues" and other songs in the set to legendary producer Tom Dowd, who was in attendance that night.