Ultra Rare Trax, Volume 7 

Studio outtakes, alternate versions & live versions. 

The Swingin' Pig, TGP-CD-130, 1 disk. 

1.Sympathy For the Devil (Altamont) 
2.Sing This All Together (rehearsal) 
3.19th Nervous Breakdown (stereo alternate version) 
4.Dirty Mac (instrumental warm-up for Rock 'n Roll Circus) 
5.Beautiful Delilah (recorded for BBC broadcast, December 1964) 
6.Live With Me (live - San Diego, November 10, 1969) 
7.Good Time Woman (early version of Tumbling Dice) 
8.Mona (recorded for live BBC broadcast, April 1964) 
9.Love in Vain (Madison Square Garden, November 1969) 
10.Brown Sugar (with Eric Clapton & Al Kooper) 
11.You Can't Always Get What You Want (Rock 'n Roll Circus, 1968)