Eric Clapton & Steve Winwood 
June 17, 2009 
United Center 
Chicago, IL 

Disc 1:

Had To Cry Today 
Low Down 
After Midnight 
Presence Of The Lord 
Sleeping In The Ground 
Well All Right 
Tough Luck Blues 
Pearly Queen 
There's A River 
Forever Man 
Georgia On My Mind (Winwood solo) 
How Long 
Layla (acoustic version) 

Disc 2:

Can't Find My Way Home 
Split Decision 
Voodoo Chile 
Sweet Home Chicago > You Better Watch Yourself (encore) 
Drowning On Dry Land (encore) 

PHISHBLOWZ NOTES: rcvd in the mail from fmp with no information's obviously an AUD, and a little ways in, our taper decides to shoot the screen rather than the's not rocksteady and so there is no "illusion" of pro shot, but it is an unobstructed view and a great concert, so for those who like to complain about people shooting the screens, too bad, I didn't film it, or care to discuss the pros and cons of doing so, I am just happy that the taper decided to risk missing an amazing concert for a chance to show us what he saw that evening in Chicago...he does occasionally switch over to the stage, so it's got a little something to satisfy both types of's not perfect (it IS a stealth video ya know) but it's not bad at all...please enjoy it for what its worth, we are lucky to have anything at all from this legendary tour, but to have video of Buddy Guy joining those two is worth it alone!!! at the cost of these big tours, it's a wonder anyone is willing to risk getting most heartfelt thanx go out to those who put their good time on the line so that people like us can enjoy (or in some cases relive) these amazing concert experiences...I know nothing of the recording device or transfer methods either, and fmp has no more info than I do so I apologize in advance for not knowing more about this...hopefully the lack of info is not a deterrent to an otherwise sweet video document of a legendary concert...enjoy :-D