Eric Clapton

2001 08 05 General Motors Place, Vancouver, BC 

Audience, 117.37, B+/B, Master, Recorded by DGB, Mastered by Boguspomp, DGB-EC 08

Lineage : Sony TCD-D100 DAT recorder with Core Sound Binaural microphones > Sony PCM-R300 > Tascam CD-RW700 > CDR > 
EAC > Soundforge 9.0 with Waves Platinum Plug Ins > TLH Flac level 8 with SBA > You

Introduction by DGB :

As previously indicated in a posting by Boguspomp, in a joint colaboration between DGB & Boguspomp all of my Eric Clapton 
master recordings will be released under the DGB-EC series. All of these recordings will be transferred directly from my master 
recordings & remastered by the wonderful & talented Boguspomp for optimum sound quality. Many of these recordings have been released 
in various formats over the years including releases under bootleg labels such as Mid Valley. All of these releases have never been 
taken directly from my master recordings since I have never given or authorised the release of my master recordings directly to 
any bootleg label. The intent is to release the best versions possible of these recordings.

I will provide my own personal comments based on my recollections & memories of each show that is released. 
Some of these stories will include the many challenges of recording shows. 
References will be made to personal contacts & friends, but for privacy purposes, no names will be disclosed. 
Anyone reading these stories will know who you are. I will also provide my own personal opinion about the sound quality of each recording,
as well as the quality of Ericís performance. I have seen Eric Clapton countless times (80+ and counting) and am very critical, 
not only of my own recordings, but also of Ericís playing. These are my own personal opinions, which you may not necessarily agree with, 
but having seen Eric Clapton as many times as I have, I feel that I am probably a good judge. 
If you do not agree with my comments, please do not hold this against me. Remember this is just my personal opinion.

Both Boguspomp and I would like to hear from anyone with any feedback or opinions whether these are good or bad.

Comment by DGB about this show :

Located in section 117 left hand side of stage... Further back from the stage from where I normally like sitting....
The last of the local Vancouver shows from the Eric Clapton series that I have recorded. All I remember from this show 
is that in my opinion this was very much Eric on Ďautopilotí. Nothing exciting here, but you can be the judge of that.

Comments by Boguspomp :

Here is a 2001 show, to round up this weeks DGB-EC shows on Dime. I seem to be one of the few, that really likes this tour. 
Because of DGB's position in this big venue, the sound came out rather indirect and with a lot of reverb. Still not a bad show at all.

Disc 1:

01 Key to the Highway
02 Reptile
03 Got You On My Mind
04 Tears in Heaven
05 Bell Bottom Blues
06 Change the World
07 My Father's Eyes
08 River of Tears
09 Going Down Slow
10 She's Gone
11 I Want a Little Girl

Disc 2:

12 Badge
13 Hoochie Coochie Man
14 Have You Ever Loved a Woman
15 Cocaine
16 Wonderful Tonight
17 Layla
18 Audience
19 Sunshine of Your Love
20 Somewhere Over the Rainbow 

Eric Clapton - Guitar, Vocals
Nathan East - Bass, Vocals
Steve Gadd - Drums
David Sancious - Keyboards, Vocals, Guitar
Andy Fairweather Low - Guitar, Vocals
Billy Preston - Keyboards, Vocals