Eric Clapton - San Francisco Rehearsals, Warfield Theatre, April 8-9 1987

Cassette Master Tapes recorded on a Sony walkman with built in mics>Raw Transfer-nothing was done to the audio-WAV>Flac

Sound quality is as you would expect considering the situation and the tech of the year I recorded it. Not great but listenable.

From the late 70s into the 90s I had access to the Warfield Theatre in San Francisco for reasons too lengthy and boring to bother with. I didn't tape as many shows as I should have, but I did show up for work one day and discovered Eric Clapton rehearsing his band for a few days. I borrowed my girlfriends walkman and took it dead center around the 7th row of the lower balcony, I placed it on the seat, pressed record and came back later to flip the tape.

I did this two days in a row. Had I tried harder I could have recorded much more, but there was no one there except the Clapton crew and me, sneaking around upstairs. I figured they could easily "disappear" me if they wanted so I didn't press my luck. Remember, the Warfield was a Bill Graham venue, you get caught doing crap like this back then and you'd likely get thumped pretty good. Unlike now of course, we have a much kinder gentler BGP these days.

Anyway, I thought I'd leave any "mastering" to others, and not really knowing how to index the sides I left them whole. I don't know who is playing in the band either, except the drummer is Phil Collins. There is a mix of full and partial songs, including White Room, random guitar and keyboard noodling, and talk. When the band talks my recorder was not close enough to pick up any speach, so feel free to edit, index, "master" and anything else you might like to do to it.

I traded these recordings to one other person only, about 10 years ago. To my knowledge he's never shared them.

Eric Clapton Rehearsal - April 8 1987 A 47:49
Eric Clapton Rehearsal - April 8 1987 B 42:32
Eric Clapton Rehearsal - April 9 1987 A 46:38
Eric Clapton Rehearsal - April 9 1987 B 35:36