Wembley Arena
London UK
May 21, 2010

Audio: Schoeps MK4 w/ NBox Tascam DR-2D 24 Bit 48K
Video: PAL Panasonic miniDV > firewire> Final Cut Pro

duration: 2:13
audio: Schoeps 24 bit PCM *and* original camera audio at 192kbps ac3
video: MPEG-2, 720 × 576, 4:3, 25 fps, 7.50 Mbps

Audio synced to video in Final Cut Pro > Compressor for mpeg2 conversion > DVD Studio Pro for authoring. Full menus, etc.

Had To Cry Today
Low Down
After Midnight
Presence Of The Lord
Shape I'm In
Well Alright
Tuff Luck
Pearly Queen
Forever Man
Midland Maniac
Going Down
Georgia (Eric on electric with solo break)
Drifting Blues (Eric on acoustic, Steve also played on this number)
How Long (acoustic)
Layla (acoustic)
Can't Find My Way Home (acoustic)
Split Decision
Voodoo Chile
Dear Mr. Fantasy

This DVD project uses the miniDV master from MikeyMike and the audio source from daspyknows. What we end up with is a DVD that offers the video matched with the audio in it's finest form; 24 bit PCM stream. Also included is the original camera audio, and the user can switch back and forth at any time. There is a gap in the video of Split Decision when the taper changed tapes. Also, during the encore break, the video taper did not record, and video reappears as the musicians return to the stage.

A huge thanks to these sources, and more to come.

An Across the Pond Production