The Rolling Stones
"Work 5 Years, 20 Years Hanging Around"

Here is a DVD which I made for my own use but I thought I'd share it as I don't think the footage is widely circulated.
The first part is on "Old Grey Whistle Test" from 1986, around the time of the "Dirty Work" album.
The footage includes exclusive interviews with all band members including a hilarious one with a rather grumpy Charlie Watts,the man who can be credited for the title of this DVD. There is also footage of the band making the "One Hit (To The Body" promo.It was taped by my parents onto Betamax (remember those?) when it was shown here on the BBC in 1986.
A few years later it was then transferred to VHS which is the source used here.
Sadly, I do not have the Beta master anymore, or else I would have used that instead.
The picture & sound is however excellent throughout!
The bonus footage which I recieved in a trade is raw footage of the Jagger interview used in the TV special.
Again, the quality is great and the interview is quite interesting.
I apologise for the lack of chapters, I guess I was just being lazy when I made the DVD.

Part One:
Whistle Test Special, UK TV 1986
Length: 46 Minutes
Source: UK TV-> Betamax-> VHS-> Standalone DVD burner

Part Two:
Raw interview footage with Mick Jagger
Length: 40 Minutes
Source: Low Gen VHS (possibly Master) Recieved in trade.