Eric Clapton
Zurich, Switzerland
January 21, 1984

Disc 1 (55:36):
(1) Everybody Oughta Make A Change (3:53)
(2) Motherless Children (4:48)
(3) I Shot The Sheriff (6:34)
(4) The Sky Is Crying (5:07)
(5) Badge (6:22)
(6) The Shape You're In (6:01)
(7) Same Old Blues (6:56)
(8) Rita Mae (4:47)
(9) Let It Rain (5:49)
(10) Key To The Highway (5:14)

Disc 2 (53:17):
(1) Sweet Little Lisa (4:27) *
(2) Double Trouble (9:10)
(3) Blues Power (4:04)
(4) Bottle of Red Wine (4:11)
(5) Blues Medley (10:45)
Incl. Honey Bee
Have You Ever Loved A Woman
Ramblin' On My Mind
(6) Cocaine (4:44) **
(7) Layla (8:36)
(8) Further On Up The Road (7:17)

* w/Albert Lee - vocals
** start cut (tape flip)

Band Members
Eric Clapton - guitar & vocals
Albert Lee - guitar & vocals
Jamie Oldaker - bass
Donald "Duck" Dunn - drums
Chris Stainton - keyboards

Nice audience recording from Eric Clapton's brief 1984 tour of Europe and North Africa. This featured a different setlist than he'd performed in his 1983 "Money and Cigarettes" tour, and some unusual rarities -- "The Sky Is Crying," "Rita Mae," and "Bottle of Red Wine" didn't show up in the set much in his '70s and '80s shows, and the versions are spot-on here. This is an extremely entertaining show, with unusual arrangements and vocal phrasing that make even the most tired, over-performed tracks seem fresh. Highly recommended for an EC fan of this era.

The recording itself is quite good; there is some hiss (which I didn't try to remove, figuring that I could do more harm than good) and a persistent low-volume buzz from the monitor during quiet points (some with more Adobe Audition skill than me could probably remove this). Neither detract from one's enjoyment of the recording. Please note that the first couple of minutes start out kind of rocky as the taper gets situated; from about the middle of track 1 through the end, this settles into a nice recording. For the time period, this is an excellent document of an unusual setlist from a very short tour bridging the 
"Money and Cigarettes" and "Behind The Sun" eras.