Eric Clapton - So Much Guitar
Montreaux Jazz Festival, July 12, 1992 - Mid Valley 013/014 - Aud 4

Disc 1:                            Disc 2:
1) White Room                      1) Old Love
2) Pretending                      2) Badge
3) Anything For Your Love          3) Wonderful Tonight
4) I Shot the Sheriff              4) Layla
5) Running On Faith                5) Crossroads
6) She's Waiting                   6) Sunshine Of Your Love
7) Tears In Heaven
8) Before You Accuse Me

Comments: An excellent performance. Begins with a blistering "White Room", the entire band is in top form. "Pretending" is excellent as well, in slightly different tempo and feel from the "24 nights" days. A slightly uptempo version of "Sheriff" follows a great version of "Anything For Your Love". "Running on Faith" features some expressive solos, as well as that outro rhythm figure EC and Nathan used during some of the '92 dates - awesome! The crowd gets going with "She's Waiting", and really explodes when EC begins "Tears in Heaven". An excellent performance. Very listenable for an audience recording, obviously a smaller hall, not a stadium or other large venue. Soundboard, pro shot video footage of
this show undoubtedly exists, as parts of it are shown in the BBC Documentary Curves, Contours, and Body Horns: The Story of the Fender Stratocaster.


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